A hacker’s real story


My name is Alberto Daniel Hill . I am the first hacker that served time in prison in Uruguay for a computer-related crime. I was prosecuted for an alleged crime that I never committed. A crime that probably never happened. Irregularities, illegalities, resolutions based on ridiculous arguments were and are part of a process without guarantees.

In mid- 2017, I managed to break the security of the website of one of the most important security organizations worldwide. I immediately contacted the organization reporting the problem they had.

In November 2016, I found a security problem on the Asunción, Paraguay stock exchange. Not finding a channel to report it directly to the system administrators, I made the report to the CERT [1] of Uruguay so that they would do their best to contact them and inform them of the problem.

In December 2016 I had a profoundly serious traffic accident in the early morning hours. In the afternoon, I received an SMS from my insurance company with a code to track insurance procedures online. Within 5 minutes of entering I detected a serious problem with the security controls and could see the parts of all the insurer’s claims, including personal information of the clients, medical reports, police information, photographs of claims, etc. At 15 minutes she was making the report to the CERT of Uruguay.

Ah! And incidentally, in October 2016, he reported to YouTube a weakness in his YouTubeTV system.

I count this to show a pattern in my behavior. I always made reports with the sole objective of helping to improve the security of vulnerable sites and prevent malicious people from finding them in the same way that I did, but using the flaws to cause damage or commit crimes. I never requested or received anything for these reports. For ethical reasons, he believed that he should do so. I could have looked to the side and not taken any action to find these problems, but I thought it was not the right thing.

I believe in consistency when acting. People normally follow certain behavior patterns in a systematic way and do not get up overnight changing the way they act in each situation.

Before the media gave me the title of “hacker,” I was an expert in cybersecurity and was specializing in both cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology and I was really doing very well.

This book tells the story that changed me forever and was a totally unexpected turning point in my life and affected the lives of my beloved ones.

Alberto Daniel Hill

June 2020


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infosec … ak “hacker” from Uruguay :)